Neuropen 10g Spare Filaments

Spare Filaments for Neuropen (Pack 5)

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Product Description

Spare Filaments for Neuropen (Pack 5)


Neuropen Features:

Foot ulceration causes considerable morbidity among patients with diabetes mellitus and the amputation of a foot or leg remains its most dreaded consequence.

Peripheral neuropathy cannot be excluded without regular foot screening in conjunction with symptomatic and clinical assessments. 

Neuropen® is an effective aid to this screening programme, meeting and exceeding current practices by being the first dual-purpose, pocket sized device designed to provide a safe and reliable test. The Neuropen® is a reusable device that can deliver:
• A 10g pressure test using Neuropen Monofilaments® to assess any reduction in sensation in the tested area. Monofilament testing can assess the protective touch/pressure sensation in large nerve fibres.
• A 40g sharpness test using Neurotips® single use neurological examination pins, to assess reduced sensation to sharpness/pain in small nerve fibers.

Retractable Monofilament 10g Features:

Monofilaments are designed to test the loss of sensation in the feet of diabetic and neuropathic patients and to identify early risk of ulcer developing.

A monofilament test is done to test for nerve damage (peripheral neuropathy), which may be caused by conditions such as diabetes.

It tests by applying a specific force to a point on the skin to assess the sensitivity of the skin at that point. The force applied is determined by the buckling load of the monofilament, which is transferred to the point of contact. The load applied to a monofilament may be increased until it buckles, after which a constant force is transferred to the point of contact. The actual force applied is determined by the length and the diameter of the monofilament and by the mechanical properties of the material. The length and diameter are carefully controlled in manufacturing. The monofilament material has been carefully selected for its consistent mechanical properties over a range of environmental conditions.

  • Measures both the diminishing and returning sensation, ideal for screening peripheral nerve impairment and detecting changes in neurological status.
  • Monofilaments resist damage, thus saving time and expense of replacing and recalibrating.
  • Monofilaments are portable, practical, compact and easy to use.
  • Ideal for the busy clinician.