Neuropen 10g Spare Filaments


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Introducing Neuropen 10g Spare Filaments - the perfect addition to your Neuropen kit. These high-quality spare filaments ensure you never run out of supplies when testing for diabetic neuropathy or other neurological conditions.

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Product Description

Neuropen  Retractable Monofilament 10g Features:


Foot ulceration causes considerable morbidity among patients with diabetes mellitus and the amputation of a foot or leg remains its most dreaded consequence. Peripheral neuropathy cannot be excluded without regular foot screening in conjunction with symptomatic and clinical assessments. 

Neuropen® is an effective aid to this screening programme, meeting and exceeding current practices by being the first dual-purpose, pocket sized device designed to provide a safe and reliable test. The Neuropen® is a reusable device that can deliver:
• A 10g pressure test using Neuropen Monofilaments® to assess any reduction in sensation in the tested area. Monofilament testing can assess the protective touch/pressure sensation in large nerve fibres.
• A 40g sharpness test using Neurotips® single use neurological examination pins, to assess reduced sensation to sharpness/pain in small nerve fibers.


Neuropen 10g Spare Filaments are an essential component of the Neuropen, a device used for neurological testing, particularly in diabetic patients.


  • Early Detection: Helps in early identification of peripheral neuropathy
  • Prevention: Aids in preventing foot ulcers and amputations by detecting loss of sensation early


  • Measurable Sensation: Provides a quantifiable force to assess sensation loss
  • Durability: Resists damage, saving time and expense of replacing and recalibrating


  • Neuropathy Screening: Used to test for nerve damage in diabetic and neuropathic patients
  • Sensation Monitoring: Measures both diminishing and returning sensation, ideal for screening peripheral nerve impairment

Medical Conditions or When to Use:

  • Peripheral Neuropathy: Commonly used in diabetic patients to monitor for peripheral neuropathy
  • Regular Screening: Should be used regularly as part of a diabetic foot examination to prevent complications