Diabetic General Purpose Nipper - 14.5cm - Straight Jaw - Double Spring Action


Effortlessly manage your diabetes with the Diabetic General Purpose Nipper - the essential tool for your daily healthcare routine.


Crafted with precision, this 14.5cm straight-jaw nipper features a double spring action for smooth, controlled cutting. Designed specifically for diabetic individuals, it allows you to confidently and safely trim nails, cuticles, and calluses without the risk of injury.

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Product Description

Diabetic General Purpose Nipper:

The Diabetic General Purpose Nipper - 14.5cm - Straight Jaw - Double Spring Action is an essential tool for effective diabetic foot care. Designed specifically for the unique needs of those managing diabetes, this high-quality nail clipper offers unparalleled precision and control.

With its straight jaw and double spring action, this nipper provides a clean, effortless cut every time, making nail maintenance a breeze. The 14.5cm length ensures optimal reach and leverage, allowing you to tackle even the thickest, most stubborn nails with ease.

Investing in dedicated diabetic foot care tools is crucial for maintaining foot health and preventing serious complications. This general purpose nipper is a versatile solution that can handle a wide range of nail types and conditions, making it a must-have for any diabetic's self-care routine.


The Diabetic General Purpose Nipper with a straight jaw and double spring action is specially designed for people with diabetes to prevent skin and nail injuries. 


  1. Double Spring Action: The nipper features a double spring mechanism, ensuring smooth and controlled operation.

  2. Safety Lock: Equipped with a safety lock, it prevents accidental opening during use.

  3. High-Quality Material: Made from German stainless steel, it offers durability and can be sterilized.

  4. Straight Jaw: The straight jaw design allows precise cutting and trimming of toenails.


  1. Diabetic-Friendly: Designed specifically for individuals with diabetes, it minimizes the risk of skin and nail injuries.

  2. Professional Performance: Suitable for podiatry and chiropody professionals, it ensures efficient and safe nail treatments.

  3. Autoclavable: The nipper can be autoclaved for proper sterilization.

  4. Replacement Springs Available: Easily replace worn-out springs for continued use.

Common Uses:

  1. Diabetic Foot Care: Ideal for trimming toenails and maintaining foot health in diabetic patients.

  2. General Nail Treatments: Use it for various nail-related procedures, including ingrown toenail management.

Remember, the Diabetic General Purpose Nipper provides professional performance and safety for individuals with diabetes.


Joint Type: Box.

Jaw: Straight.

Size: 14.5cm.

Spring: Double spring action.

Handles: Smooth.

Safety Lock: Yes.

Autoclavable: Yes.

Material: German Stainless Steel. 


Supplied as standard in a plastic wallet with Care Instructions and Advice.


Order the Diabetic General Purpose Nipper now and enjoy free UK delivery. Reclaim your independence and say goodbye to painful, difficult foot care forever.