Medipin - Neuropathy Early Detection and Diabetes Monitoring


Stay one step ahead of neuropathy and diabetes!


Medipin is your proactive partner in health, offering early detection of neuropathy and convenient monitoring of diabetes. With just a simple touch, this innovative device provides accurate results within seconds.


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Product Description

Medipin - Neuropathy Early Detection and Diabetes Monitoring Features: 


Medipin - Revolutionizing Neuropathy Early Detection and Diabetes MonitoringIn the realm of healthcare technology, Medipin has emerged as a groundbreaking solution for early detection of neuropathy and effective monitoring of diabetes. This innovative device is changing the game by providing a reliable and convenient way to screen for neuropathy, a common complication associated with diabetes.

The Medipin device utilises cutting-edge technology to accurately assess nerve function, making it an invaluable tool for individuals at risk of developing neuropathy. By conducting simple tests using Medipin, users can proactively monitor their nerve health and take necessary precautions to prevent potential complications.

One of the key benefits of Medipin is its user-friendly design, which allows individuals to perform neuropathy screenings in the comfort of their own homes. This not only saves time but also enables early detection of nerve damage, leading to timely intervention and improved management of diabetes-related issues.


Medipin is a specialized tool designed for the early detection of peripheral neuropathy, particularly in patients with diabetes.

  • Early Detection: Medipin can help in the early identification of neuropathy, which is crucial for timely intervention.
  • Home Testing: It enables patients to perform tests at home, following ADA guidelines, to detect loss of protective sensation (LOPS) in diabetic peripheral neuropathy.
  • Simple Use: The Medipin has a unique design with a pyramid-shaped point to stretch rather than penetrate the skin, surrounded by an annular ring for dull stimulation.
  • Safety: Medipin is designed to optimize pinprick perception without piercing delicate skin, reducing the risk of skin penetration and needle stick injuries.
  • FDA Listed: It is an FDA listed instrument and has been used by U.S. doctors and in international medical studies.

Medipin offers a straightforward and safe method for patients to participate in their own diabetic healthcare by regularly testing sensation in their feet, which can be a critical aspect of diabetes management.