Thermoshell Blanks

Thermoshell heat mouldable blank orthotics.

As low as £26.52

Product Description

Thermoshell Blanks Features:

Thermoshell heat mouldable 'blank' orthotics let the practitioner mould directly to the patient's foot without having to use a plaster cast or send to an outside laboratory.

The material is a proprietary blend with a nylon base that is 5 times stronger than traditional polypropylene orthotics. This allows us to create an ultra thin very strong semi rigid orthotic that will fit in almost any shoe.

Semi-bespoke foot orthotics in just minutes

In many cases, these prefabricated orthotics do not require heat moulding - they can be dispensed from the package as is if this suits the patient. Designed to look, act and feel like a custom orthotics, Thermoshell incorporate a 4-degree rear foot posting for greater control and stability.

This is a professional grade orthotic that is available a very low cost.

The Thermsahell is a 1.3mm 3/4 Semi Rigid Arch Support with a 12 mm heel cup. This product is ideal for dispensing right out of the package as it has a medium arch height and offers great control.

This support is completely heat mouldable and reheat formable, whether fitting directly to the foot or a positive cast. The thin profile allows it to fit in any shoe while leaving room for accommodative adjustments as well as the addition of top covers or posting.

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