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Renia ProtoColle Flexible Glue – 50g

Renia ProtoColle Flexible Glue – 50g

Renia ProtoColle Flexible Glue – 50g 

Reference: RA1142

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Renia ProtoColle Flexible Super Glue is a top-quality adhesive that bonds flexible and absorbent materials in seconds – without the need of an activator!
For use with: 
Leather, PUR, EVA and Rubber.
Features and benefits:
  • Bonds in seconds without Activator.
  • Specially modified Cyano-Acrylic-Acid-Ester-based adhesive for bonding all materials around shoes, O-rings, rubber, EPDM.
  • The adhesive film stays flexible, optimised for porous and flexible materials.
  • Works on flexible and absorbent materials: Bonds leather, fabric, wood, foams, and most compact surfaces.
  • Does not become brittle, does not break.
  • Quick and easy to use.
How to use:
  • Clean your working surface with Acetone and apply a thin film of glue on one side and press down immediately.
  • Apply pressure for 10 seconds by hand.
Storage Guidance:
  • Minimum 6 months at 20 °C.
  • 12 months at 3-6 °C in the fridge.
  • Unlimited in a deep freezer at -18°C even after the bottle has been opened.


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