Transport Stick On Soling for Instant Footwear Repair

Fasionable and robust soling material. Shore A85.

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Product Description

Rubber stick-on soling, often referred to as adhesive rubber soles or stick-on soles, is a type of soling material used to repair or enhance the soles of shoes. These thin sheets can be applied to the existing shoe soles. Here’s what they are used for:

Shoe Repair: Rubber stick-on soles are commonly used to repair shoes with worn-out or damaged soles. They provide a cost-effective way to extend the life of footwear.

Traction: They are used to add extra grip and traction to shoes, especially in slippery conditions or on shoes with worn-out treads.

Protection: Stick-on soles can protect the original soles of the shoes from further damage and provide an additional layer of insulation from water or cold surfaces.

Customization: Some people use them to customize their shoes, adding a different look or color to the soles.

Quick Fixes: They offer a quick and convenient solution for minor sole issues, eliminating the need for a full sole replacement.

Rubber stick-on soles are a handy product for DIY shoe repair and for maintaining the functionality and appearance of shoes. They are available in various thicknesses and designs to suit different shoe types and purposes.

Fasionable and robust soling material.

Sheet Size: 0.73m x 0.52m.

Shore A85.