Physioworx Hand Exerciser Trainer 10-30kg | Increase Strength in Grip | Suitable for Rehabilitation and Conditioning

The Physioworx Adjustable Hand Exerciser is designed for strength training and rehabilitation for hands and the forearms.


Product Description


Indications for use:

  • Suitable for anyone who requires increased wrist and hand strength.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • By simply twisting the white knob you can increase or decrease the tension of exercise.
  • An excellent way to build-up hand and forearm strength.
  • Variable resistances making the Hand exerciser perfect for many people of all fitness levels.I
  • The Adjustable Hand Exerciser allows you to adjust tension from 5kg to 20kg.
    (Other tensions are available, see codes PX1628 and PX1632)
  • Ergonomic Hand Gripper to increase comfort when exercising.
  • Rubber grips for great comfort during your workout.