Physioworx Gel Air Cushions | Pressure Relief for the Coccyx area | Hemorrhoid Cushion Ring | Bedsores prevention

This Gel air cushion is ideal for pain relief and aids sitting for longer periods of time.

As low as £19.56

Product Description

Physioworx Gel Air Cushions Features:

This Gel air cushion is an ideal aid for pain relief and sitting for longer periods of time. It has a PVC surface but is filled with gel and air for amazing comfort.

The gel/air cushion will ensure that the temperature stays the same during prolonged sitting.

  • Relieves pressure from your coccyx
  • Provides pressure relief when sitting
  • Multi-function for cold/hot therapy
  • Distributes pressure around the hips
  • Lightweight for easier transportation, safety valve

This Gel Air Ulcer cushion is made from high quality materials.

Pump available if needed, but not included.

Available in: Square or Round shape, 45 cm approx.