Nova Avon Clinician Stool

Upgrade your workspace with Nova Avon Clinician Stool!


Say goodbye to discomfort during long work hours. The Nova Avon Clinician Stool offers unrivalled comfort and support, designed specifically for healthcare professionals who value ergonomics and style.

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Product Description

Nova Avon Clinician Stool:

The Nova Avon Clinician Stool with Backrest is a game-changer for healthcare professionals looking for a premium seating solution. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort during long hours of work, while the adjustable height feature caters to individual preferences.

Crafted with durable construction, this stool is built to last in demanding medical environments. The modern design adds a touch of sophistication to any workspace, making it not just functional but aesthetically pleasing.

For those in the medical field seeking professional and reliable seating equipment, the Nova Avon Clinician Stool stands out as a top choice that combines quality, comfort, and style effortlessly.


Let’s explore the Nova Avon Clinician Stool, a versatile and ergonomic adjustable clinic stool. 


  • Improved Seating Position: The Nova Avon Clinician Stool provides an improved seating position.

  • Comfortable Seat: With a 40cm diameter, the seat ensures comfort during long hours.

  • Height Adjustable: Customize the stool’s height within a range from 45cm to 60cm.

  • Stability and Maneuverability: Equipped with a 5-castor base, it offers maximum stability and easy movement.

  • High-Quality Upholstery: The upholstery is both comfortable and easy to clean.

  • Color Options: Choose from three colors—Aqua, Cloud, and Turquoise—to match your Nova Eden or Nova Aire podiatry chair.

  • Optional Upholstery Re-covering Service: If you need a refresh, Algeos offers an upholstery re-covering service.


  • Ergonomic Support: The Nova Avon stool promotes better posture and reduces strain.

  • Hygiene: Easy-to-clean upholstery maintains a clean and professional appearance.

  • Versatility: Suitable for various clinical settings.

  • Quality Construction: German quality ensures longevity.


  • Clinicians and Podiatrists: Ideal for professionals who spend extended periods sitting during consultations or treatments.

  • Examination Rooms: Use it during patient assessments.

  • Treatment Areas: Perfect for podiatry and other medical procedures.

Explore the Nova Avon Clinician Stool to enhance your clinic setup! 

Dimensions: (W x D): 40 x 40cm Seat Height: 45 - 60cm

Colour: Aqua, Cloud & Turquoise


Servicing: Upholstery re-covering service available. Please contact us +44 (0)151 448 1228



Invest in your well-being today with Nova Avon Clinician Stool - the perfect choice for healthcare professionals seeking comfort and style in their workspace.