Heel/Elbow Slip Over Sleeve with Medical Grade Gel

With a medical grade mineral oil gel cushion that contours around the heel or the elbow to protect the area from pressure, friction, and shear forces.

The 5mm gel pad gradually releases mineral oil to moisturise and soften the skin.

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Product Description

Introducing the perfect solution for elbow tendonitis relief - Heel or Elbow Slip Over Sleeve for Adults. This innovative sleeve gently soothes aches and protects any adult with elbow tendonitis. The unique design provides both compression and support, keeping your elbow protected and comfortable no matter what activity you are engaging in. This small/medium sleeve is lightweight and highly versatile, allowing you to move more freely while having the protection of an arm brace.

It is easy to put on and remove making it the perfect choice for when you need extra support while playing tennis, golfing, jogging, softball or gym workouts. Additionally, this sleeve is designed with an integrated moisturizer to provide further comfort to your elbow area during long sessions of physical activity.

If youre looking for a reliable product that offers maximum protection for tennis elbow, our Heel or Elbow Slip Over Sleeve is ideal! It provides comfort and stability without being bulky. Its elastic construction will still allow your arm full range of motion while also offering superior pronation and supination control. With its durable stitching structure ensures longevity as well as breathability allows skin to stay cool despite rigorous activity levels! Get confident while having fun by choosing the Heel or Elbow Slip Over Sleeve.

Soft Heel and Elbow Pad: Multifunctional heel for dual use at the heel or elbow. Ideal for everyday use or for active use inside sports shoes. Softens and moisturises the skin to prevent sore, cracked heels AND elbows.

No More Blister sand Ulcers: Effective in helping to prevent heel and elbow ulcerations. Elbow sleeve also provides Ulnar Nerve protection. Sleeve is made of stretchable polyester. Sold individually and is latex free and hypoallergenic.

Soften Rough Skin: The elbow and heel sleeve’s integrated padding features a 5mm gel cushion that secretes a medical-grade gel solution that prevents the skin underneath drying out and cracking.

Golfers and Tennis Elbow Support: Use for tired and fatigued tendons while also preventing the skin underneath the sleeve becoming cracked and sore. Perfect if youre experiencing Achilles heel or tennis elbow.

Great for Skin: For eczema, dermatitis or you just have sensitive skin that is easily aggravated by bandages and sleeves, the medically-certified gel pad features on the sleeve makes sure your skin doesnt crack or dry out.

Features and Benefits:

  • Aids in the healing and skin conditioning of dry, cracked heels and elbows.
  • Versatile medical grade mineral oil gel pad can be positioned almost anywhere around the foot and heel.
  • 5mm of gel
  • Effective in helping to prevent heel and elbow ulcerations.
  • Heel sleeve can be used in conjunction with pressure relief products to protect the skin.
  • Elbow sleeve provides ulnar nerve protection.
  • Hypoallergenic and latex free. 

Pack Size: Singles