Universal Dermatoscope MoleScope II | For Skin Cancer Early Identification


Medical Device dermatoscope with high magnification and cross-polarized light delivers a high-resolution imaging, used for visual diagnosis of abnormally looking skin and nails.

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Product Description

MoleScope II is a battery-powered dermatoscope that enables the Podiatrist to expand the visual diagnosis of abnormally looking skin and nails, adding value to routine and follow-up examinations, as well as preventing further complications. The digital images can be saved and help detect malignant changes over time.

The dermatoscope polarises reflected light to allow the examiner to see through the stratum corneum, visualizing the deep layers of epidermis and papillary dermis. This allows examination of the characteristic pigment and vascular patterns of the skin as well as the architecture of the upper dermal papillae and rete ridges of the skin and nail bed (1).

Features and Benefits:

  • High magnification and cross-polarized light deliver a high-resolution imaging of skin and nails.
  • Can be used on any smartphone with a high-quality camera: iPhone (all models starting from 5), iPod and iPad (multiple models), Samsung Galaxy (all models starting from S5).
  • It is a reusable, non-invasive device for imaging and documentation. No need for skin contact!
  • The device is attached with the universal attachment set.
  • Software included, no need for subscriptions or future purchases.
  • Medical Device Class I and UKCA, CE marks.


Dermatoscopes are used to evaluate pigmented lesions and non-pigmented cutaneous disorders. Examples of diagnosis in Podiatry are (1):

  • Dermatofibroma,
  • Plantar pressure keratosis,
  • Seborrheic keratosis,
  • Verrucas,
  • Fungal nail infection (Onychopmycosis),
  • Acral Melanoma,
  • Plantar Melanocytic Nevus

Technical Specifications:

  • Magnification: ~ 60x measured on iPhone 7+
  • Field of view (FOV): 16mm
  • Lighting: 6 white LEDs with cross-polarization and super high contrast polarizer (coefficient 99.97%)
  • LED control: ON/OFF switch with auto turn off after 4 minutes
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery (6 hrs working time)
  • Charging system: USB 2.0, high speed USB transmission and low battery and charging indicator.
  • Caps: glass contact plate with anti-reflective coating and scale. Non-contact cap.

Source: Myron Bodman, DPM A Closer Look At The Benefits Of Dermoscopy. May 2017. Online link: https://www.hmpgloballearningnetwork.com/site/podiatry/closer-look-benefits-dermoscopy


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