Revolutionize your fastening game with VELCRO® Brand VELCOIN® Hook!


Say goodbye to traditional fastening methods and discover the power of VELCRO® Brand VELCOIN® Hook. Its strong, durable design ensures a secure hold every time, making it perfect for a wide range of applications from crafting to industrial use.

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Product Description

VELCRO® Brand VELCOIN® Loop Features:


Certainly! VELCRO® Brand VELCOIN® is a versatile hook-and-loop fastening system that offers secure bundling and organization. Here are some details about it:

  1. VELCRO® Brand VELCOIN® Roll (Black):

    • Length: 12 feet
    • Width: 3/4 inch
    • Features: Double-sided, self-gripping, reusable
    • Ideal for securing hoses, lumber, yoga mats, bulky cables, and more
    • Can be cut to the desired length
    • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  2. VELCRO® Brand VELCOIN® Straps by the Yard:

    • Unique back-to-back fastening system
    • Polyethylene hook laminated to a nylon loop without adhesive
    • Ideal for cord and cable control, accessory straps, and easy adjustment.
  3. VELCRO® Brand VELCOIN® FR Fastener HTH 889 with Loop 3610:

    • Wrapped around products to be bundled (cables, wires, tubes, fiber optics)
    • One-piece construction with hook on one side and loop on the reverse
    • Provides superior cord control and cable management .

Whether you need to organize tools, secure cables, or bundle materials, VELCOIN® offers a reliable solution.