Tubular Rivets - Nickel Plated

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Our nickel-plated tubular rivets offer unparalleled strength, durability, and a sleek, polished finish that will take your projects to new heights. Crafted from high-quality materials, these versatile fasteners are perfect for a wide range of applications, from leather goods and clothing to industrial equipment and orthopaedic braces such as Ankle-foot orthoses.

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Product Description

Tubular Rivets - Nickel Plated:

When it comes to industrial fastening solutions, tubular rivets are a versatile and reliable choice. Specifically, nickel plated tubular rivets offer a range of benefits that make them an excellent option for a variety of applications.

Nickel plating provides an attractive, corrosion-resistant finish that enhances the appearance and durability of these metal tubular rivet fasteners. The nickel plating creates a smooth, lustrous surface that is both decorative and functional, protecting the underlying rivet material from the elements.

These tubular rivet components are available in a wide range of sizes and specifications to meet the needs of diverse industries. From small, delicate applications to heavy-duty industrial uses, nickel plated tubular rivets can be customized to suit your specific requirements.


Tubular rivets:

Features of Tubular Rivets:

  • Design: Tubular rivets consist of a partially hollow shank and a solid head. The shank resembles a cylindrical tube.

  • Installation: These rivets are installed in pre-drilled holes. A tool is used to expand the shank, securing it around the back of the parts being joined.

  • Materials and Sizes: Tubular rivets come in various sizes, head configurations, and materials. They are versatile and adaptable to different applications.


  • Ease of Installation: Tubular rivets are easier to install compared to solid rivets. Their partially hollow shank simplifies the process.

  • Cost-Effective: Due to their partially hollow design, tubular rivets typically cost less than solid rivets.

  • Secure Fastening: Once installed, tubular rivets provide a permanent connection. They won’t loosen or come out, even under vibrations

Common Uses:

  • Automotive Industry: Tubular rivets find applications in automotive assembly, securing components like panels, brackets, and trim.

  • Aerospace Industry: These rivets are used in aircraft construction, where durability and reliability are critical.

  • Construction and Structural Engineering: Tubular rivets play a role in building structures, bridges, and other large-scale projects.

  • General Manufacturing: From appliances to machinery, tubular rivets offer a secure fastening solution

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