Shoe Helper

A shoe horn/Helping Hand Reacher combined; extra manoeuvrability for shoes, use it also as a general dressing aid or bedroom reacher. This multipurpose tool can prove very helpful in assisting in daily activities and is the perfect mobility assistant

Helping Hand
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Product Description

Shoe Helper Features:

The hooked trigger can be used as a dressing tool to pull up/around clothing as well as a great way to hang up when not in use.

The shoe horn and trigger allow for the easy application of shoes with very little effort and without the need to bend over, useful for those who have mobility issues and often struggle getting shoes on due to disability.

The Shoe Helper is the perfect dressing aid for those who have difficulty putting on shoes and other clothing accessories.

Lightweight and ergonomic design suitable for all users regardless of capabilities.

Available in different sizes, each suitable for individuals of a different height and mobility capability.

2 lengths available:

  • 66cm (26")
  • 81cm (32”)

Sorry, not available outside the UK.