PelliTec Blister Prevention Pads

A novel blister prevention pad developed in the United Kingdom that uses Silipos gel.
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ISO 13485 Supplier for Medical Devices
Product Description

Pellitec is a unique 6 Layer Blister Prevention Pad that protects against blisters caused by friction.

Sticks to your insole or shoe, not your skin!

PelliTec Blister Prevention Pads Features & Benefits:

  • The unique and breathable sandwich construction of PelliTec® moves with your foot, significantly reducing the friction that causes blisters.
  • Wicks away moisture, reducing the risk of infection.
  • Instantly relieves pressure and pain.
  • Stays firmly in place in footwear or insole until removed.
  • Proven to be effective in reducing the occurrence of blisters and helping them heal amongst walkers, athletes, sports players and military personnel.
  • Durable and water resistant.
  • Machine washable in cold cycle (2-3 times)
  • CE Mark


Indications for Use:

  • Prevention and relief of foot blisters caused by friction.

How to use:

Peel the protective layer and place the adhesive side of the pad in the desired location on the inside of dry and clean insole or footwear.

Presentation: Pack of 2 or 10 pads.

Diameter: 45mm


PelliTec Testimonials

Chris F - Solider and Commando Trainer

"I suffer from ‘hot spots’ on my heels which progress into blisters during prolonged walking. After using PelliTec® on a 15km march I didn’t feel any hot spots or have any signs of blisters forming. I have also used PelliTec® on my toes and again no blisters formed. The product dries out quickly after being damp and has always stayed in tact and in place in my boots. In my view PelliTec has the potential to alleviate the problems caused by blisters which have sometimes caused otherwise good recruits to fail their training just because of them."

Martine C - Retail Worker

"I frequently suffer from blisters and used PelliTec® pads for eight hours each day over a five day trial period. I noticed an immediate improvement in both feet and suffered no blisters during the trial. I plan to continue using the pads during my time at work.

Ryan H - Professional Footballer

"I was suffering from painful blisters on my heels and toes which affected my performance. Since putting PelliTec® pads in my boots I have been able to play without pain and my blisters are fully healed."