Physioworx Carry Strap | for Exercise, Fitness and Yoga Mat


Struggling to carry your exercise or yoga mat around?


The Physioworx Carry Strap is your perfect solution! Say goodbye to awkwardly carrying your mat and hello to convenience. This sleek and durable strap allows you to effortlessly transport your exercise or yoga mat wherever you go.

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Product Description

Physioworx Carry Strap for Exercise Mat Features:

The carry strap is an essential item and a convenient way to carry an exercise mat, making it easily portable.

The Physioworx Carry Strap is a versatile accessory that is a must-have for anyone who enjoys exercise, fitness, or yoga. With its convenient design, this carry strap makes it easy to transport your yoga mat or exercise mat wherever you go.

Whether you're heading to the gym, a yoga class, or simply working out at home, the Physioworx Carry Strap ensures that your mat stays securely in place while on the move. Its adjustable features make it suitable for various mat sizes and thicknesses, providing a snug and comfortable fit.Made from durable materials, this gym mat strap is designed to withstand regular use and keep your mat safe and secure. Its lightweight construction adds convenience without adding extra bulk to your workout gear.


The Physioworx Carry Strap is a convenient accessory for anyone who practices yoga, fitness, or carries an exercise mat.


  • Universal Fit: Designed to fit most exercise mats, making it a versatile accessory
  • Easy to Use: Simply loop it around the mat for easy carrying


  • Portability: Makes transporting your mat to the gym, studio, or outdoor spaces hassle-free
  • Hands-Free: Allows you to carry your mat on your shoulder, freeing up your hands


  • For Gym: Carry your mat to and from the gym with ease
  • For Yoga Sessions: Ideal for yogis who travel to classes
  • For Outdoor Exercise: Great for taking your mat to the park or beach for an outdoor workout

This carry strap is an essential item for anyone looking to make their exercise routine more mobile and convenient



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