Double Sided Nail and Skin Files - for Podiatry and Beauty Care


Disposable Double Sided Nai File (Pack of 10)

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Product Description

Premium Emery Boards for Footcare

Our double-sided, high-quality fine abrasion emery boards for nails and skin for professional use, making them a beauty care essential. Designed for foot and nail care. Single patient use files, non-sterile.

Double Sided Foot Files:

  • Grade: 100/80 Grit 
  • Dimensions: 17.5cm x 2cm
  • Pack Size: Pack of 10.
  • Perfect for podiatry, home use and for salon use.

For people with rough feet, a foot file can help to keep their feet soft and smooth, traits which are often of aesthetic value. Calluses can also cause pain if they grow especially large, so removing calluses makes walking more comfortable.

Foot files can also be used to smooth out cracks in the feet, although it may take a series of sessions of foot filing combined with deep moisturizing to resolve the problem.

Designed for foot and nail care, they are a beauty care essential.

Recommended by Nail Technicians: for nail work and foot care like acrylic and gel nails. Highly rated by our customers for their exceptional performance and durability.

Popular with Professional Chiropodists: also popular with professional chiropodists, for use on acrylic and gel nails, as well as natural nails.

Environmentally Friendly Nail Files: a responsible choice for your nail tech supplies, the product do not use plastic. The professional nail file is durable and designed to last, reducing waste.

Patient guide to using a foot file

Corns and hard skin (callus) are often formed as a result of rubbing from an ill-fitting shoe, or extra pressure being exerted on an area of the foot due to a foot deformity or walking problem. Here are some simple self care treatments:

  • Gently rub the area with a pumice stone or emery board.
  • Apply a moisturising cream to improve the skin texture.
  • Apply some thin padding or cushioning material to reduce the pressure.
  • Check your shoes are not too tight, too big or too high.
  • Never wrap anything such as lambswool around the toes, never use razors or other sharp implements to remove the skin.
  • Never use corn cures or corn plasters, unless advised by a Foot professional.
  • If the lesions are very large or particularly painful, consult a Podiatrist.