Lightweight, long-lasting stethoscope with superior acoustic response.


Product Description

This dual head stethoscope comprises of a lightweight, robust aliminium chest piece with a bell to one side and a diaphragm to the other, providing a good acoustic response.

Stethoscope Features:

Lightweight and long-lasting stethoscope.
Dual-head with high acoustic sensitivity.
‘Y’ tubing and eartips, made with durable PVC for a comfortable fit.
Diaphragm and bell chest piece on the chestpiece for a wide frequency response.

Clinical Applications:

Indirect measurement of arterial blood pressure, to be used with a sphygmomanometer or vascular doppler and an appropriately sized cuff.
Available Cuffs: NV3513, NV3514, NV3515, NV3524, NV3527

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