Dry Best Hyperion Orthotic Top Covering - Ensures dryness and Inshoe Climatic Control


Keeps moisture away from skin for dry and comfortable feet. Odour prohibiting to prevent smelly feet.

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Product Description

Dry Best Hyperion Orthotic Top Covering

Dry Best is provided with a two-layer construction.

External layer in contact with the foot does not absorb humidity and therefore remains dry.

The second layer absorbs sweat quickly and actively, giving a pleasant feeling of dryness and a climatic control.

The Agis treatment grants the lining to be Antimicrobial and odor free.

  • Highest moisture absorption, actively and automatically
  • Permanent antibacterial with sanitised moisture holding tank
  • 4-layer construction keeps moisture away from skin for dry and comfortable feet
  • Odour prohibiting.
  • More hygienie.
  • Hydroplus absorbs 40 times its own weight
  • Softer handle
  • Permanent anti-fungus
  • Breathable

Sheet Size: 14700 x 1000mm


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