Voxelcare VCM125

The VCM125 is fitted with the latest insole milling technology to meet the needs of a busy production environment. A high-end model with the most advanced machine components that assures performance as well as accuracy. Standard configuration is 6 separate milling slots.
Product Description

Mill 6 pairs

Mill up to 6 pairs per batch from slots


High quality

Robust frame, incl. Vacuum table, vacuum pump and separate dust extraction


2-side milling

Mill insoles on both top and bottom side


High performance engine

Brushless milling motor

2.2 kW, 6000 - 24000 rpm


Technical Specification

Working area: 350 x 300 x 60 mm

Dimensions: 1799 x 1083 x 1440 mm

Milling time: Up to 12 min/pair (two sides)

Power supply: 380 V, three-phase

Weight: ± 240Kg

Accuracy: 0.01 mm