The online Voxelcare CAD software is an easy to use, powerful design tool, which allows you to create any type of foot orthotic from EVA, Polyurethane or rigid Polypropylene. Incorporating 3d data along with a 2d image has never been so simple, allowing you to produce an accommodative device in a matter of minutes or provide a solid foundation for more functional orthotics, which can be created using the extensive library containing condition specific templates and corrective/supportive modules.

The software is constantly being upgraded through Voxelcare user feedback, ensuring that the software you are using remains to be the most comprehensive design package available.

A unique function of the online Voxelcare CAD is the ability to match shoe template shapes, using the brandsole function. With access to multiple points on the brandsole, the user can match the shape of an inlay/existing insole that can also been scanned or uploaded to the same order. The functionality of the software also allows for the creating of new shoe template patterns that can be stored in their library and be loaded for other orders in the future. Also 2 sided design allows for 100% continuity between the top and bottom surfaces, increasing functionality and helping achieve improved patient outcomes.

The online Voxelcare insole CAD design software is an easy to use and powerful tool to design any type of foot orthotic. Accommodative and corrective orthotics manufactured in EVA, polyurethane, rigid polypropylene materials and positive moulds (vacuum moulding) are possible. Data is accessible from the cloud at any time from your account so producing repeat orders has never been easier. Hosted on a secure, encrypted database, up to 5 users can use the software at the same time. There are also different user levels with rights and restrictions for sharing data, scanning, CAD designing, CAM production, managing and monitoring, giving you peace of mind from data loss and backup headaches.
The software is easy to use, the user simply inputs the image of the foot where they can design and implement specific orthotic adaptions mirroring the curvatures and placement of the foot. Two-sided milling is extremely efficient, milling on both top and bottom sides significantly reduces production and will even save on time needed for finishing. In addition, the highest possible and consistent quality is achieved ensuring that the orthotic will fit perfectly to any shoe type.

Orthotics can be designed from Voxelcare scanners or from your own 2D, 3D or pressure scanner. You can start from 3D scan data or use standardised 3D insole templates that are stored in your own library. These can all be combined with other data such as foot pressure sensor data as long as it is readale and a non-encrypted file.
A wide range of corrective, supportive or offload modules can be loaded from the library, modified and applied to the orthotic. The extended library is updated continuously.
The Voxelcare orthotics CAD design program has been developed as a result of over 20 years of market experience. Over this time their worldwide customers (orthopaedic specialists, orthotists, podiatrists, etc) have given input to what is now the leading online CAD/CAM system.

Our support team is ready to give you instant help through remote access. Online training sessions will answer all your questions and provide user support.
With our integrated system you can improve the management of your work flow and production schedule. Real time tracking of design changes, orders, deliveries, payments, etc. is possible. Voxelcare online insole CAD CAM will improve efficiencies and the overall customer experience.