Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty period on a Voxelcare system? Are all parts of the system covered by the same terms?

Yearly software licence fee (for Voxelcare online system) – What type of support can I expect from this?

How quickly will I receive a reply if I need support?

Can the software be used on my mobile phone and tablet?

Is the software difficult to use?

Can the software be used with my existing scanner?

How long does the milling machine take to mill a pair of orthotics?

How long do the orthotics need to be finished once they're milled?

Can multiple users use the software at the same time?

Does the system have standard pre-sets for conditions?

Is there an overlay of the foot image on the scan?

Can it create a positive mould from other castings?

Are there finance options available for the voxelcare system?

Is delivery and installation included in the price?

What after-sales support can I expect?