State-of-the-art 3D Printing

Introducing the VXC3DP Filament Cube from Voxelcare, a modular FDM unit containing a 3D printer that can operate as a single-unit system or combined with multiple VXC3DP Cubes to increase production output.

Choose. Customise. Produce.

The VXC3DP Filament Cube brings your customised orthotic designs to life, building multi-density insoles on a print platform that is completely online. Each cube has the print capability to produce one insole in one hour.

Modular package options

The VXC3DP Filament Cube is available from Algeos as either a stand-alone 3D printing unit or one of four different modular package configurations (below) that include a cabinet, foot scanner, and CAD online software. 

3D printing made easy

The VXC3DP requires no previous 3D printing experience. New customers to create their own in-house production system while existing customers can integrate the VXC3DP Filament Cubes into their Voxelcare webapp.


Innovative Printing Materials

Voxelcare’s own VXC3DP filament has been specifically produced to achieve the best results. Made from recyclable materials, the filament is available in 1kg rolls that come in multiple colour options. Each roll has the capacity of producing between 7-10 pairs of custom orthotics.