Tyre Tread Rubber Shoe Soling - Sheet Size: 60cm x 83cm x 5mm | For Shoe Repairs

The Tyre Tread Rubber Sheet is a hard wearing, long lasting shoe soling material.
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Product Description
Tyre Tread Rubber Sheet is a hard wearing, long lasting shoe soling material. Rubber soling is a versatile material used for various purposes in the footwear industry. It is commonly used for:

Shoe Soles: The most common use of rubber soling is for shoe soles. It provides durability, traction, and protection to the bottom of the shoe. Rubber soles are found in a wide range of footwear, from casual shoes and sneakers to work boots.

Boot Soles: Rubber is often used in the soles of boots, including rain boots and winter boots, because it is waterproof and provides excellent insulation against cold and wet conditions.

Sporting Goods: Rubber soling is used in the soles of sports shoes and cleats, providing grip and stability for activities such as running, soccer, and basketball.

Industrial and Work Boots: Rubber is used in the soles of work boots to offer protection against hazards like chemicals, electrical hazards, and punctures. These soles are often slip-resistant as well.

Sandals: Rubber is used for the soles of sandals, providing a lightweight, comfortable, and water-resistant option for warm-weather footwear.

Tyre Tread Rubber:

  • Hard wearing
  • Great traction
  • Durable
  • Cost effective

Sheet size: 60cm x 83cm - 5mm thickness