Triumph Toe Plates

Triumph toe plates are durable, metal toe plates for fixing footwear.
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Product Description

Triumph Toe Plates

Shoe accessory commonly used in tap dancing. It is typically a metal plate attached to the top (or toe) of the tap shoe, usually with screws or nails. The purpose of the shoe top tap is to provide additional sound and articulation to certain movements in tap dancing, particularly those performed with the front part of the foot.

When a tap dancer executes steps such as toe stands, toe taps, or intricate toe work, the shoe top tap enhances the sound produced by making contact with the floor. It adds clarity and resonance to the taps, allowing the dancer to create a more dynamic and expressive performance.

The shoe top tap serves as a tool for tap dancers to achieve greater precision, clarity, and musicality in their performances.


Small 13 - 41mm Length

Medium 14 - 45mm Length

Large 15 - 55mm Length


Nails not included.