Stretch 2 Fit Hypoallergenic Gloves | Stretchable | Wide Fit

Stretch-2-Fitƒ is the world's first truly hypoallergenic glove. Latex & Powder-free.

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Stretch 2 Fit
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ISO 13485 Supplier for Medical Devices
Product Description

These semi-transparent gloves are stretchable and the shape is wide fit. However for surgery, other type of gloves like Nitrile may be better indicated.


Stretch-2-Fit™ medical gloves are manufactured from a revolutionary new material that not only makes allergic reactions a thing of the past, it also offers unrivalled near-skin feel, vital for many medical practices. Stretch-2-Fit™ is also EN Certified by the NHS's own test laboratories.

Stretch-2-Fit™ is the World's first truly hypoallergenic glove. It has no residual chemicals which are the biggest cause of skin irritation for users, as no chemicals are used in the manufacturing process.

The unique design of Stretch-2-Fit™allows the glove to mould around the hand for a better fit, and due to palms being open to more air, there is less hand sweat. The glove also stretches to the end of the fingers, giving a Latex type feel and dexterity for activities such as picking up and holding surgical instruments.
The glove has been approved by the NHS to EN455, parts 1 2 3 &4. On leakage tests it has passed with a 100% success rate; UK sold vinyl gloves have 40 - 15 pinholes per 1,000.

Stretch 2 Fit Hypoallergenic Gloves Benefits:

  • A revolution in gloves - Absolutely NO allergic reaction
  • Total improvement - Better fit, less hand sweat and fatigue
  • Manufacturing marvel - Zero residual chemicals
  • The first to guarantee 100% leak-proof barrier protection
  • Meet targets with ease - Environmentally friendly manufacture

User Satisfaction:

  • Easier to don than other medical gloves - Wide fit.
  • After wearing, the second glove can be donned easily, unlike other vinyl gloves
  • Hands do not feel sticky as with other types of gloves
  • Stretch to the contours of the fingertips, like latex
  • Cuffs do not collapse and drop when the hand is lowered, unlike other gloves
  • Fits 'in-between sizing' as glove stretches to fit
  • Unaffected by low UK winter temperatures

Financial Benefits:

  • Large cost savings to your business, and a technically superior glove
  • Less wasted gloves as they are dispensed easier than vinyl or latex gloves
  • Less use of hand soap or antibacterial gel as hands still feel clean after wearing the gloves

Environmental Benefits:

  • 10 times less carbon footprint than vinyl gloves
  • Fully recyclable unlike other gloves (recycle with polythene products)

Allergy Information

  • No powder is used in the manufacture of these gloves
  • No latex proteins are in this glove
  • No additional chemicals are used in the manufacture of this glove that causes residual allergies

Pack size: 200 ambidextrous gloves per box