Round Point Awl


Unleash Your Creativity with Precision!

The Round Point Awl is a versatile tool that makes puncturing holes and creating patterns a breeze. Its sharp point and comfortable grip allow you to work on various materials like leather, wood, or fabric with ease.

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Product Description

Made from forged steel, these quality blades are used to make holes in leather.

A round point awl is a versatile tool used in various crafts and trades. It features a pointed tip that is rounded, making it ideal for creating holes or marks on materials such as leather, wood, or fabric.

Craftsmen and artisans often use round point awls for tasks like starting holes for stitching, marking measurements, or creating intricate designs. Its rounded tip helps prevent the material from tearing or splitting while working.

Whether you are a leatherworker, seamstress, carpenter, or DIY enthusiast, a round point awl can be a valuable addition to your toolkit for precise and controlled markings on different surfaces.