Snapstop Adult Dorsiflexion 2 Bumper (and Molding Blank)



Simple fabrication snap-in bumper. Large impact surface. Very durable.


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Product Description


Snapstop is an adjustable plantar-flexion stop that lets you make on the spot changes — no more glues, screws or tools needed, you simply snap in the stop that delivers the exact sagittal alignment you want from either top or bottom.

Features & Benefits:

  • Best adjustable posterior stop on the market in 6 key criteria:

    • Cost- least expensive on the market

    • Adjustability- largest range of motion

    • Noise- extremely quite

    • Durability- no reported failures in 15 years on the market

    • Fabrication- simple encapsulation during vacuum forming

    • Profile- lowest profile available

  • Largest impact surface of any adjustable stop

  • No tools needed for adjustment

  • Pediatric and Adult sizes

  • Angled bumper heads maintain full surface contact throughout adjustable range

  • Designed to work with X-tension

  • Limits shoe interference

  • Can be removed to allow plantarflexion for driving

  • Additional bumpers can be added to increase dorsiflexion while sleeping for an additional gastrocnemius/soleus stretch


  • Molding blank is designed to be cut through and is not reusable

  • Grinding down or cutting of the head of the brad nail makes it easier to remove after vacuum forming


  • Allows for simple post-fabrication optimization of shank angle

  • Will not wear or compress, preserving the sagittal alignment over time and preventing functional regression

  • Encourages collaboration with referrals and confidence that you have attention to detail to optimize the performance and outcomes for your patient