Tom Hayes

Manufacturing Team Member


From joining as an apprentice to becoming a full-time employee, Tom Hayes is now a qualified member of the Algeos manufacturing team, with a bright future ahead.

Tom Hayes joined us as a Manufacturing Apprentice and having completed two years of training is now a fully qualified member of our manufacturing team having achieved his Supply Chain Operative Level 2. Offering apprenticeships allow us to offer opportunities to those individuals with no prior experience and allows them to earn while they learn and gain a qualification. Tom says, “the mixture of on-the-job training and a tutor attending site really made a difference to how quickly he picked things up.” 

Initially what attracted Tom to Algeos was how interesting the operations looked after having been shown around on interview. Now he enjoys the upbeat atmosphere and hard-work ethics that are engrained in our ethos.  At Algeos, Tom says, “We are treated really well, and they don’t hold you back.  I want to learn about other areas of operations, and I know that I will get the chance to do this.”

As part of his training, Tom has been taught how to use specialist machinery such as the bandsaw and material cutter to complete manufacturing orders. Though he now has his eye on the material conversion splitter which would take his manufacturing experience to the next level!