Sylvia Huelbes

Product Manager


A leader in her field, Sylvia Huelbes (PhD) has decades of invaluable experience in the medical sector, including research and development, that she shares as our Product Manager.

At Algeos we recruit specialists like Sylvia, with a wealth of knowledge that can contribute to the team’s expertise and services. Before joining Algeos three years ago, Sylvia spent more than a decade working in clinical studies and is a fully certified Lead Investigator in root cause analysis for the pharmaceutical industry.

Her medical expertise and analytical and project management skills are invaluable at sourcing and developing products through our R&D process, as well as problem-solving and dealing with technical enquiries from suppliers and customers. Sylvia finds pride in making a significant difference to our customers and she is a vital part of our team. Being fluent in three languages helps us connect with international suppliers. She actively supports colleagues in a wide range of business areas, focusing on future opportunities and research to continuously develop and expand Algeos’ offer of products. At Algeos, Sylvia is given a lot of autonomy and says, “It is very rewarding to see products I have sourced through the R&D process, from an opportunity to being available in the market to customer reviews.”

Since joining in 2018, Sylvia has received ongoing on-the-job and off-the-job training, including SAP and product-specific training, and completed Health & Safety courses. We are just as invested in supporting her career as she is in developing Algeos’ future. When asked what the best thing was about working at Algeos she replied, “It’s a family-based business and everyone is very friendly and approachable.”