Northumbria NHS Foundation Trust provides healthcare to over half a million people from North Tyneside to the Scottish Border. The Trust has been using Algeos’ OptoGait since 2015.Here, Trevor Dixon, Biomechanics Specialist Podiatrist at Northumbria NHS Foundation Trust, explains how his department is using it with their patients.

Optogait is an engagement tool which transforms Patient Care, here are some of the questions Northumbria NHS were asked about. 

What have been the benefits for the Trust and your patients?

Trevor says: “We bought the OptoGait in 2015 and have been using it particularly heavily in the past few months. I have been running occasional extra clinics for some patients and have been using this technology with them. It’s a great system."

"We are particularly impressed with the camera quality, motion capture and video recording. It’s also a portable system that is both easy to set up and use. Patient feedback has been positive because they value the opportunity to be part of a more in-depth assessment process."

"For example, they can observe themselves walking barefoot and then we can slow the video recording down and discuss with them each phase of their gait cycle. We can focus on the key elements such as foot pronation or supination, knee flexion or extension."

"We can then compare their barefoot recording to those with shoes and shoes plus insoles. It all helps to affirm that our interventions are helping them. Before OptoGait we relied on visual observation of patients walking both towards and away from us. We were not able to see how they walked from the side."

"OptoGait has changed this because it enables frontal and sagittal plane observation. It gives us more of a true picture of a person.
The software also provides an instant gait report that indicates symmetry between the left and right lower limbs – also a useful feature.”

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