Speed Reference at 3°, 6° and 9° step

Explanation of the 3 indices referred to an ideal athlete

In the Sprint and Gait Test parameters the speed of an 'ideal' athlete (the so-called 'super athlete') during the 3rd, 6th, and 9th step can be indicated. These are in fact the three most interesting moments of a sprint; important studies have proven that:

  • The speed of the 3rd stride is strongly related with the use of burst power
  • The 6th-stride speed depends on the phase of transition between the burst power and elastic recovery
  • The 9th-stride speed depends more on pure elasticity

Therefore the following indexes have been created and calculated as follows:

Esplosivity rate: real speed at 3rd step / ideal reference speed at 3rd step * 100

Transition rate: real speed at 6th step / ideal reference speed at 6th step * 100

Elasticity Rate: real speed at 9th step / ideal reference speed at 9th step * 100

Of course it is possible to change the three speeds of reference - as for any other secondary parameter - in any single test of a certain type or in general.


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