How to install the Ximea webcam driver

Installation steps of the hi speed video camera Ximea

Supported camera models

Currently the following Ximea camera models are supported by OptoJump/OptoGait:

  • MQ013CG-ON

Automatic installation Requirements

  • Our installation package for Ximea video cameras which can be downloaded from here
  • Administrator privileges to install drivers and software on the system

Installation steps

1. Please do not connect the video camera until requested during the installation

2. Execute the installation package “Ximea SDK installer”. The installation of the driver and required files will start automatically.

3. When requested please connect the camera(s) to the PC

4. On successful installation the installation process will terminate with the message “ximea installation completed”. Now you can open the OptoJump/OptoGait software, configure and work with the newly installed Ximea video camera.

Manual installation

Please note: If you want to connect a second Ximea video camera and have already installed the Ximea API please jump to step 2.) of the installation steps below.


  • Ximea API installer latest version (please refer to the download section of the website
  • Administrator privileges to install drivers and software on the system

Installation steps

1. When installing the Ximea API at least the following packages must be enabled for installation:

  • Drivers
  • API/m3Api
  • API/xiApi
  • API/xiApi.NET
  • API/xiDirectShow

2. After the installation connect the video camera and wait for the camera to finish the driver installation.

3. If the system user under which the OptoJump/OptoGait software gets executed has no admin rights it is necessary to register the connected Ximea cameras to DirectShow manually. In this case execute the file “API\x86\xiDirectShow_ReEnum.exe” from the Ximea installation folder (usually C:\Ximea) with admin rights (right-click “Run as administrator”) to make all connected Ximea video cameras available in the OptoJump/OptoGait software. This step must be repeated for each new Ximea camera attached to the computer.

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