First Step Preview Video Popup

A help tool to choose the starting foot during the sprint/gait test

While in the new '2D Gait' test the starting foot recognition (first step) is automatic, in other test types, such as Sprint and Gait (run and gait on linear systems), treadmill gait and treadmill running, the operator must decide which foot is the one that began the test.

In order to help the user in this operation, which is sometimes difficult because the patient is far away, a new feature called 'video preview popup' has been added, displaying a popup window for N seconds (N configurable), where the first frame of the trial is viewed, allowing the operator to understand if the entering foot is the one specified or if it is the opposite foot.

During these N seconds, by watching the preview of the two webcams it is possible to confirm or change the foot of the first step simply clicking on the right or left foot icon (or wait until the popup closes automatically confirming the choice).

In the example below, the patient enters with the left foot, whereas the test was set differently (or could have been set as 'undefined'). Clicking on the gray icon of the left foot, the setting is immediately inverted, therefore it does not need to be done afterwards from the Results Module.

The parameter for enabling/disabling the feature and the number of seconds of preview could be set in Utility > Base Configuration > Video.

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