The filter parameters GaitR-In and GaitR-Out

What is the purpose of the two parameters GaitR In and Out in the sprint/gait test?

Because of the particular configuration of the OptoGait hardware bars with sensors for detecting interruptions set at a few millimeters from the ground, in some cases the results will not correspond or match the power and/or pressure blocks, which by default are set at ground level.

In fact, when the heel of the foot touches ground during the Load Response phase, the LED is interrupted a few milliseconds before contact with the ground and similarly, when the toe is lifted from the ground during the Pre-Swing phase, interruption is postponed.

If this feature is necessary (e.g. for validation and comparison tests) use this parameter, which increases the MINIMUM number of LEDs to be interrupted for triggering the contact event.

Setting, for example, the parameter at 3 LEDs, only when 4 consecutive LEDs are interrupted (and not only 1, as by default), the support is considered valid. The gap between the lighting of N LEDs instead of only one allows to decrease (or eliminate, if possible) the discrepancies with the measurement on blocks.

The parameter can be set in the test definition or in the parameters of the single trial in the Results module.


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