Operations available from the Bar/Footprint View

Measuring Length or Width

In order to measure a distance on the X bars, DOUBLE CLICK on the first spot and then DOUBLE CLICK on the second spot. A measure is displayed with the indication L = cm

Similarly, to obtain a measurement on the Y bars (step width), press CTRL+DOUBLE CLICK on 2 spots

Deleting LEDs

To delete a single LED from the acquisition press CTRL-RIGHT CLICK on the LED

To delete a series of LEDs, press and hold CTRL and use the left mouse key to drag the area to be deleted (light red rectangle); after confirming, the duration of this deletion must be entered in milliseconds (for treadmills the interval of a step cycle must be specified, otherwise the following steps will not be considered).

It is also possible to delete the footprint (i.e. the interrupted LEDs which have created it) by RIGHT CLICKING on the footprint and choosing Delete Foot


To change the starting foot from right to left, or vice versa, RIGHT-CLICK on the footprint and choose Invert Foot.

The change is applied from this point onwards (not for the previous points); therefore this feature is very useful for roundtrip tests, where entries after the first may be carried out with a different foot.

If we want to invert ALL the test sequence, RIGHT-CLICK in an empty area (not on a footprint) and choose the correct foot (Automatic applies only to 2D test).

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