OptoGait Surface EMG (Electromyography) device connection

OptoGait can be used as a “virtual footswitch” to be connected with Surface EMG (Electromyography) devices.

In this mode, OptoGait will send a continuous impulse when the feet of the patient are in contact with the floor. Each foot will send a separate impulse (the “starting foot” will be set in the options of the test) so that the EMG device will be able to distinguish between left and right.

The OptoGait interface is equipped with a specific connection to enable the link with the EMG device. The default connector on the connecting cable is a LEMO connector on the interface side and a 3 poles 3,5mm Mini Jack on the EMG side.

Please note that the transmission of the impulses has a fixed delay of 300 milliseconds. Your EMG software will need to take this delay into account to ensure data accuracy.

It is also important to note that the software must be run continuously. For example, if the user wants to perform an EMG on a treadmill, the OptoGait software will need to be set to perform a test on a treadmill (of the desired duration). The test will need to be started and stopped regularly to ensure that the impulses are assigned to the correct feet and that the error filters are working properly. This enables the software to perform EMG and gait analysis concurrently.


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