Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Cryosurgery?

How are tissues destroyed during Cryosurgery?

How is freezing achieved?

Liquid nitrogen is colder

What are the quality criteria for cryosurgery treatment and the effect on the treatment?

How is cryosurgery better than other methods of removing skin lesions?

What type of lesions should not be frozen?

Where on the body can skin abnormalities be removed from?

Can anyone have cryosurgery?

Can the Freezpen be used on children?

What are the features of the Freezpen to achieve this quality?

How many lesions can I treat with one cartridge?

How permanent is the cure?

Will there be permanent discolouration or hyper colouration?

Will patients activities be limited, and for how long, after the procedure?

Whatare the most common complications are cryotherapy?

What type of skin abnormalities are most appropriate to freeze?