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Gait Analysis

Explore the intricate science of gait analysis, where movement meets biomechanics to understand human locomotion.

Gait Rhythm

Dive into the rhythm of movement: an exploration of the patterns and cadence that define our gait.

Gait Print 

Unravel the unique signature of movement with gait print, the distinct footprint of individual locomotion.

"4 Your Gait"

4 stage process to assessing and prescribing corrective mesures post analysis.

March In Place

Analyzing the marching motion as a pivotal tool for precise gait measurement.

Run Analysis

Delve into run analysis, where speed and biomechanics intersect to decode human performance.

Surface EMG

OptoGait meets Surface EMG: A harmonized approach to decode gait and muscle dynamics with precision.

Video Feedback

leveraging video feedback for real-time insights into gait dynamics.

Bio Feedback

Biofeedback offers a window into real-time physiological responses and performance.

"Opto 4 Kids"

A specialized approach to analyzing and understanding the unique gait patterns of our youngest walkers.

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