OptoGait can be used to analyze an athlete's run or sprint in these two configurations:

  • Positioned on the side bars of a treadmill, OptoGait becomes a portable lab for small spaces and with reduced costs. The system is compatible with the wide majority of treadmills and no synchronization is necessary to start and carry out a test
  • With the modular system (from 2 up to 100 meters) OptoGait allows to carry out Running tests either starting from a stand or running, to analyze the various phases, how the incremental weariness acts on the patient at each round installing the system on a track, measuring the time of a change of direction and the following acceleration, and so on...

During the test (in real time) or after the execution, two reports are immediately available:

  • Run report: specific report for gait or running tests, with average values, standard deviation and variability coefficient of all typical parameters for the left and right leg. Furthermore, any possible asymmetries and imbalances between the legs can be spotted instantly. The same report type is available when selecting two tests, allowing for a quick comparison thanks to a graphically intuitive and clear interface.
  • Extended Report: contains all numerical and graphical data, stored step by step during the test.

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