The special view 'Opto 4 Kids' is aimed at making tests fun for children, as they often get bored (especially during long tests on the treadmill) and their interest is not engaged.

Instead of showing numeric values or histograms, which can be difficult for them to understand, we have designed an animated cartoon-style background and a character who has to climb a mountain (a baby dragon in this first version, but in future versions it will be possible to select a favourite avatar).

The position and expression of the dragon indicate whether the exercise is being performed correctly: a sad dragon at the foot of the mountain means high asymmetry or absolute values far from the set reference values, while a happy dragon on top of the mountain means the target is being reached.

The operator (physiotherapist, doctor or technician) is responsible for encouraging the little patient to reach the top of the mountain by giving the necessary instructions (e.g. "try to take longer steps with your left leg", "try to speed up a bit"); the child will therefore be driven from a play perspective and should find the motivation to improve his/her condition and have fun while exercising.

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