Revolutionize patient comfort and hygiene!


Introducing ErgoRaiser - the innovative modular foot rest designed for podiatrists. Say goodbye to uncomfortable patient positions and infection risks. With ErgoRaiser, you can provide optimal limb support while maintaining impeccable hygiene standards.

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Product Description

ErgoRaiser modular foot rest and limb support:

The ErgoRaiser modular foot rest and limb support is a game-changer in patient comfort and infection control. Designed specifically for healthcare settings, this innovative foot rest offers unparalleled ergonomic support for patients while prioritizing hygiene and cleanliness.

Podiatrists and healthcare professionals can benefit greatly from the ErgoRaiser's adjustable design, which allows for customized positioning to meet individual patient needs. Not only does it enhance patient comfort during treatments, but it also contributes to infection prevention efforts with its easy-to-clean materials and modular construction.

In the realm of patient care accessories, the ErgoRaiser stands out as a top-tier solution that combines medical-grade quality with ergonomic design principles. Embracing this cutting-edge foot rest and limb support system can elevate the level of care provided to patients while streamlining infection control protocols in hospital and clinic settings.


Let’s explore the ErgoRaiser Modular Foot Rest and Limb Support, an innovative solution designed for patient comfort, infection control, and versatility. This foot rest and limb support is ideal for podiatrists, manicurists, and clinicians who work with 3D scans of the foot for orthotics. 


  • Modular Design: The ErgoRaiser consists of modular sections that can be assembled in various ways to form a range of supportive positions and elevations for a limb.

  • Versatile Placement: It can be used on the floor, raised surfaces (such as a plinth or bed), or even in a patient’s home.

  • Integral Cushioning Support Pad: The built-in cushioning support pad eliminates the ongoing expense of disposable covers.

  • Sturdy Construction: ErgoRaiser is stable in use and helps reduce task-induced postural strain, promoting staff comfort.

  • Portable and Self-Containing: Integral handles make it easy to move and handle.

  • Easy to Clean: All areas are easily accessible for efficient cleaning.


  • Patient Comfort: Provides elevation and fully supports the limb, freeing the hands of the podiatrist to carry out appropriate procedures.

  • Hygienic and Cost-Effective: The integral cushioning support pad eliminates the need for disposable covers.

  • Customizable Support: Modular sections allow adjustments to meet individual patient comfort, care, and mobility needs.

  • Lightweight and Durable: ErgoRaiser is lightweight (approx. 2kg) yet sturdy.

  • Promotes Staff Comfort: Reduces strain on practitioners during treatments.


  • Podiatry Clinics: Ideal for supporting limbs during podiatry procedures.

  • Manicure and Pedicure Services: Suitable for manicurists and pedicurists.

  • Orthotic Foot Scanning: Useful for clinicians who take 3D scans of the foot for orthotics.

  • Community Settings: Can be used in acute or community settings, including domiciliary visits.


Provides elevation and fully supports the limb of the patient, freeing the hands of the podiatrist to carry out the appropriate procedure.

                 Foot Rest in Use


The ErgoRaiser Modular Foot Rest and Limb Support is a versatile addition to any clinical setup, prioritizing patient comfort and practitioner convenience!

Measurements: Length 56cm, Width 49cm, Seat height 28cm, Seat length 18.5cm, Seat width 24cm.

Safe working load: 80kg (BS EN 12182:2012)

Lightweight: approx. 2kg

CE Mark



Upgrade your clinic today with ErgoRaiser and elevate your patients' experience to a whole new level!


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