Advapore Adhesive Wound Dressing


Unlock the power of genuine neoprene for your toughest bonding jobs.


Actigrip Contact Adhesive is a real neoprene-based formula that delivers unparalleled strength and durability for bonding foams, rubbers, and fabrics. Unlike generic adhesives, our formula penetrates deep into materials to create an incredibly strong and flexible bond that lasts


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Product Description

Advapore Adhesive Wound Dressing:

The Superior Choice for Effective Wound Care

When it comes to protecting and healing wounds, Advapore Adhesive Wound Dressing stands out as the premier choice. Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, this advanced dressing offers unparalleled benefits that make it the go-to solution for healthcare professionals and individuals alike.

Advapore's unique composition, featuring a semi-permeable adhesive layer and a highly absorbent core, ensures optimal moisture management and a barrier against external contaminants. This innovative design not only promotes faster healing but also minimizes the risk of infection, making it an indispensable tool in the arsenal of wound care.

Whether you're dealing with burns, cuts, pressure sores, surgical wounds, diabetic ulcers, or any other type of injury, Advapore Adhesive Wound Dressing is the reliable and effective solution you can trust. Its versatility in size and absorption capacity allows for a customized approach to each individual's needs, ensuring a tailored and personalized treatment experience.


Advapore Adhesive Wound Dressings are often referred to as Large Plasters.


  • Highly Absorbent: The low adherent center pad effectively cushions and promotes healing.

  • Flexible: Ideal for minor injuries, friction burns, cuts, and grazes.

  • Sterile and Individually Wrapped: Ensures hygienic application.

  • Kind to the Skin: Made from breathable material with a non-latex adhesive.


  • Comfortable: Provides comfort and protection for wounds.

  • Versatile: Suitable for various wound types.

  • Flexible for Joints: Works well on cuts and grazes around joints due to its flexibility.


  1. Minor Injuries: They are ideal for minor injuries such as cuts, grazes, and friction burns.

  2. Post-Operative Wounds: Suitable for post-operative wound care.

  3. Flexible for Joints: Works well on cuts and grazes around joints due to its flexibility.

  4. Schools & Nurseries: The large size and soothing properties make them suitable for schools and nurseries.

  5. Occasions Requiring Larger Plasters: Whenever a larger plaster is needed, Advapore Adhesive Wound Dressings are a good choice.



Don't settle for subpar wound dressings. Get the advanced protection and healing power of Advapore today!

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