Therapeutic Diabetic Insoles

Say goodbye to foot pain!


Introducing therapeutic insoles designed to provide relief to sore, sensitive, and arthritic feet. These insoles are crafted with advanced technology to support your feet and alleviate pain, allowing you to move with comfort and ease.

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Product Description

Duosoft Therapeutic Insoles Features & Benefits:

Are you looking for relief from sore and sensitive feet? Look no further than Duosoft insoles – your ultimate solution for comfort and support.

Duosoft insoles are specially designed to provide a range of benefits for those suffering from foot pain or discomfort. Whether you need arch support, cushioning, or pain relief, Duosoft has got you covered. With options like Duosoft gel insoles and orthotic inserts, you can find the perfect fit for your needs.

Experience the difference with Duosoft comfort insoles that gently cradle your feet with every step. The cushioned design ensures maximum comfort, making them ideal for all-day wear. Say goodbye to achy feet and hello to lasting relief.


Multi-density Plastazote and Cellular Urethane, superb resilience, shock absorbing

The Duosoft Therapeutic Insoles are designed to provide comfort and support for individuals with diabetes, arthritis, or other conditions that result in sensitive feet. Here are the features, benefits, and uses:

Features & Benefits:

  • Multi-Density Material: Constructed with Plastazote and cellular urethane for resilience, cushioning, and shock absorption.
  • Cushioning: Designed to provide the cushioning needed for the diabetic/insensate foot.
  • Anatomical Design: Facilitates off-loading of the metatarsal head area to accommodate pressure hot spots.
  • Thermo-Insulation: Good for cold feet, chilblains, and vascular insufficiency due to their insulation properties.
  • Self-Contouring: The materials customize to the foot, providing a personalized fit.
  • Hypoallergenic: Made with materials recognized for treating diabetic and arthritic feet.
  • Versatile Fit: Designed to fit into both traditional footwear and ‘additional depth’ orthopaedic shoes.


  • Ideal for individuals with sensitive feet due to diabetes, arthritis, or other conditions.
  • Helps in managing conditions like metatarsalgia, pre-ulcerated sites, plantar fasciitis, foot deformities, Morton’s neuralgia, and forefoot accommodation.
  • Aids in the prevention of skin breakdown.


  • Provides essential cushioning and shock absorption.
  • Offers thermal insulation and comfort for cold and sensitive feet.
  • The self-contouring capabilities ensure a better fit and pressure distribution.
  • Recognized and recommended by medical professionals for sensitive foot conditions.