OptoGait Gait Analysis System - Assess Dynamic Posture in Clinic - 1 Metre Kit

Gait analysis system to assess the dynamic posture and coordination during movement which allows you to evaluate, record, and make any necessary corrections to orthotics for a smooth gait.
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Product Description

Assess the dynamic posture and coordination during movement with this innovative system which allows you to evaluate, record, and make any necessary corrections to orthotics for a smooth gait. OptoGait is portable, quick, easy to use and very competitively priced compared to other Gait Analysis systems on the market today.

OptoGait is a system for optical detection made by a transmitting and a receiving bar. Each one contains 96 LEDs communicating on an infrared (visible) frequency with the same number of LEDs on the opposite bar. Once positioned on the floor or on the treadmill, the system detects the interruptions of the communication between the bars - caused by the patient’s movement. During the execution of a running, gait or series of jumps test, the contact and flight times can be measured with an accuracy of 1 thousandth of a second and the position of the interrupted LEDs with a space resolution of 1,041 cm.

  1. Assess objectively the patient’s general physical conditions
  2. Identify deficiencies, postural problems and asymmetries on the basis of data and videos and determine how the patients’ performance is being effected
  3. Develop and apply therapeutic-rehabilitation applications, rehab approaches and
  4. Orthopedic solutions on the basis of precise data
  5. Prevent of relapses, complications and involutions of the pathological
  6. Periodically verify the results and the efficacy of treatment
  7. Motivate patients giving them tangible proof of improvement
  8. Compare post- and pre-accident values if available
  9. Verify, in a dynamic situation, the efficacy of arch supports, insoles or functional tapes
  10. Compare various shoes and their effect on the patient’s gait



Measure Real Time Movement Data

Starting from this basic data, the dedicated software measures in real-time a series of crucial data for the movement analysis. Historically, contact gait analysis has been costly, which has limited its use to large biomechanical institutes. To control costs, simple contact pads have been employed however, these cannot assess dynamic motion. Contact analysis is now affordable and portable to physiotherapist, doctors and researchers.

Systems design can range from 1 to 100 metres (this item is 1 metre).

When paired with a standard treadmill, all aspects of the gait cycle can be studied. Parameters (e.g., contact time, flight time, and pre-swing) can be measured to .001 of a second. Left and right differentials are recorded. Precise, objective data is correlated to determine extent of injury and effectiveness of treatment. All data is displayed in real time through the software platform (allowing instant decisions on treatment protocols) and paired with both lateral and sagittal video analysis.

Data is stored over time, affording the clinician the ability to determine effectiveness of treatment. Injury prevention is enhanced via objective data, showing increased asymmetrical tendencies before pain sets in. Chronic injuries are addressed via gait-empowered differentials, identifying the root cause of malingering problems. All aspects of dynamic motion are recorded to ensure your patient is functioning at his/her highest level.


1 Metre Kit

This kit includes the following, except the laptop or the treadmill:

  • 1 x OptoGait Transmitting Bar (TX) with integrated interface
  • 1 x OptoGait Receiving Bar (RX) with integrated interface
  • 1 x OptoGait Cary Case for 1m kit (without wheels)
  • 1 x USB Cable 5m (connecting PC to interface)
  • 1 x Mains power supply for 1-30m OptoGait
  • 1 x UK Power Cord (2m) for OptoGait 1 x Power supply extension
  • 2 x Webcam for OptoGait 2 x Tripod for OptoGait webcam
  • 2 x USB extension cable OptoGait webcam (5m)
  • 1 x OptoGait Surface EMG cable 1 x Flat-cable for OptoGait 2D configuration (1.5m)
  • 1 x USB flash drive containing software, user manuals, video and other material

Quick Start Guide for Optogait

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