Moleskin Fleecy Web Chiropody Felt - 4 Sheets


A Semi-elastic hypoallergenic adhesive padding made of 100% velvet cotton. 20cm x 45cm x 2mm

Sold: Pack of 4 Sheets

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Sold: Pack of 4 Sheets

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Product Description

Moleskin for Blisters, Corns and Offloading

Semi-elastic: Hypoallergenic adhesive thin padding made of 100% velvet cotton. Moleskin is a fabric material with an adhesive backing, used for pressure relief on the foot surface but is also used on other body parts where required.

Moleskin sheets can be easily cut to fit various body parts, but more commonly used for Footcare. The sheet format allows full personal customisation whether it be for tight shoes, blisters, corns or offloading diabetic feet.

Truly Versatile Chiropody Felt: Moleskin is used to prevent blisters and chafing by providing a protective layer between the skin and footwear or other surfaces. Uses are endless.

No More Shear, Friction and Hot Spots: Soft chiropody material can also be used as a barrier for other parts of the body, like heels, elbows, and hands, where friction or rubbing may occur.

Conditions: Corns, calluses, bunions, blisters, metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, and more. By offering cushioning and support, chiropody felt reduces friction, and promotes comfort.


  • Ideal for foot cushioning and protection applications.
  • Hypoallergenic adhesive.
  • Bi-elastic cotton 100%.
  • Stretch and conforms to the area of application.
  • Cut to size sheets.

Pack Size: 4 Sheets
Size: 22.5cm x 45cm Thickness: 2mm

Chiropody Felt for Professionals and a Home Use

Chiropody felt, such as moleskin, serves as an indispensable tool for foot care, catering to both professionals and individuals seeking relief from various foot conditions. Here's how chiropody felt can be utilised for foot care:

  1. Professional Use: Podiatrists and foot care specialists rely on chiropody felt to provide targeted relief for their patients suffering from corns, calluses, bunions, blisters, and other foot ailments. During consultations and treatments, professionals can customise moleskin sheets to fit precisely on the affected areas, ensuring optimal comfort and support. Chiropody felt acts as a protective barrier between the skin and footwear, reducing friction, shear forces, and pressure points, thus promoting faster healing and enhanced comfort for patients.
  2. At-Home Use: Individuals can easily obtain chiropody felt from their Podiatrist and apply it at home to address common foot issues. Your Podiatrist will advise the best shapes and placement for the felt. The adhesive-backed moleskin sheets are convenient for self-application, allowing users to cut and customise them according to their specific needs. For instance, individuals experiencing discomfort from tight shoes can apply moleskin padding to alleviate pressure points and prevent the formation of blisters and corns. Athletes or those engaged in physical activities can use chiropody felt to protect vulnerable areas of their feet from friction and hot spots, reducing the risk of developing painful conditions like blisters and plantar fasciitis.
  3. Versatile Solutions: Chiropody felt's versatility extends beyond foot care, making it an essential tool for addressing various skin-related issues on other parts of the body. Whether it's protecting heels from shoe abrasion, preventing elbow chafing, or providing cushioning for sore hands, moleskin can be adapted to suit diverse needs and conditions. Its hypoallergenic and semi-elastic properties make it suitable for sensitive skin, ensuring comfort and effectiveness in various applications.


Chiropody felt, such as moleskin, serves as a versatile and effective solution for foot care needs, catering to both professional practitioners and individuals seeking relief at home. Its customizable nature, coupled with its ability to reduce friction, shear, and pressure, makes it a valuable tool in managing and preventing a wide range of foot-related ailments and discomforts.