Cryospray 59 | Pack of 6 x 50ml Cans, Straws and 12 Applicators


Cryospray 59 is a liquid cryogen spray designed to rapidly freeze body tissue,

Sold: Pack of 6 x 50ml cans

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Product Description

Cryospray 59 in 6 x 50ml cans pack, straws and 12 applicators

What is Cryospray 59?

Cryospray 59 is a liquid cryogen spray designed to rapidly freeze body tissue,

Used widely in medical practices, Cryospray 59 works on the principle that rapid cooling of skin/tissue cells causes cell damage making it the ideal treatment option for conditions such as warts and verrucas.

Features and Benefits:

  • Delivers up to 60 applications
  • Designed to freeze tissue to temperatures of around -59°C
  • Dispensing head designed for greater control
  • Includes 12 cotton wool tipped applicators for the treatment of small verrucas and 3 straw applicators for general use. If you need more applicators, use code NV1704 to replenish. 

How does Cryospray 59 work?

Cryospray 59 is based upon the principle that living cells which are rapidly frozen are initially damaged and subsequently die from the effects of freezing.

It is now widely thought that it is the rate of cooling and thawing which causes this effect rather than the actual temperature achieved and that in practice few cells are able to change quickly enough to protect themselves from the rapid change in temperature. It is probable that the membranes of affected cells are ruptured during freezing, releasing cell contents and viral antigens. This release is recognised by immunoactivity in the cells which can generate a cell band immune response that results in a regression of plantar warts.

Cryospray 59 is designed to freeze tissue to temperatures of around -50°C to achieve a moderat result.