Cotton Stockinette


Say goodbye to perspiration discomfort!


Cotton Stockinette is your solution for reducing sweat buildup under orthoses. This 100% absorbent, unbleached, knitted cotton material stretches up to four times its width to perfectly fit the body, providing ultimate comfort and breathability.

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Product Description

This is an inexpensive and convenient form of covering and protection for the skin. Its heavy material makes it suitable for use as an undercast stockinette.

Features & Benefits:

Certainly! Cotton Stockinette is a versatile material used in orthotic applications. Here are the key features:

  • Material Composition:

    • Made of 100% absorbent, unbleached, knitted cotton.
    • The natural cotton fibers provide comfort and breathability.
  • Purpose:

    • Reduces Perspiration Buildup: Cotton Stockinette wicks away perspiration, helping to reduce skin irritation under orthoses.
    • Conformity: It stretches up to four times its normal width, allowing it to conform to the body effectively.
  • Applications:

    • Removable Liner: Use it as a removable, washable liner under splints or orthoses.
    • Commonly employed in orthotic practice to enhance patient comfort and hygiene.
  • Specifications:

    • Rolls measure 25 yards (22.8 meters) in length.
    • Available in various widths:
      • 25 (mm)
      • 50 (mm)
      • 60 (mm)
      • 70 (mm)
      • 80 (mm)
      • 100 (mm)
      • 120 (mm)
      • 125 (mm)
      • 150 (mm)
      • 250 (mm)
      • 350 (mm)
      • 400 (mm)


Say hello to comfort and goodbye to perspiration discomfort with Cotton Stockinette today!


Cotton Stockinette is a reliable choice for creating a comfortable interface between the skin and orthotic devices. Whether for professional use or personal care, it ensures optimal fit and moisture management.

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