CCS Footcare Cream - 175ml Tube

CCS Footcare Cream - the ultimate solution for soft, smooth, and healthy feet. With its specially formulated blend of ingredients, this cream deeply moisturises and repairs dry, cracked skin.

Sold: 175ml

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Sold: 175ml

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Product Description

CCS Footcare Cream

CCS manages and helps prevent dry and rough skin. CCS Foot Care Cream is an effective moisturiser ideal for maintaining the condition of the skin on the feet. 

CCS’s professionally inspired formulation works with the body’s natural defences to condition skin. CCS Foot Care Cream is extremely effective in the control of dry and rough skin. It softens hard, dry skin helping to keep it soft, supple and helps prevent further problems developing.

CCS Footcare Cream is a game-changer when it comes to foot care. Packed with powerful ingredients, this foot cream is specifically designed to tackle dry, cracked heels and provide intense moisture for your feet.

The benefits of using CCS Footcare Cream are numerous. From repairing and softening dry skin to moisturizing and nourishing tired feet, this cream does it all. Say goodbye to rough heels and hello to smooth, soft skin with this foot treatment cream.

If you're looking for the best foot cream for cracked heels, look no further than CCS Footcare Cream. Its unique formula makes it a must-have in your foot care routine. Try it today and experience the difference for yourself.


  • Urea Content: Contains 10% urea, a moisturizer found naturally in the body, which helps to soften hard, dry skin
  • Clinically Tested: The cream has been clinically proven to moisturize very dry and callused feet
  • Podiatrist Recommended: It’s recommended by podiatrists for its effectiveness


  • Hydration: Provides intense moisture to the skin, keeping it smooth, soft, and supple
  • Improvement in Skin Condition: 95% of users notice an improvement within one week of use
  • Prevents Further Problems: Regular use helps to prevent further problems with dry and rough skin


  • Dry and Callused Feet: Especially formulated for dry and callused feet, helping to control and manage dry skin conditions
  • Cracked Heels: Effective in softening and repairing cracked heels

Medical Conditions or When to Use:

  • Dry Skin Conditions: Suitable for people suffering from dry skin conditions that affect the feet
  • Foot Care Maintenance: Can be used as part of a regular foot care routine to maintain healthy skin on the feet

For more detailed information or specific advice, it’s best to consult with a healthcare professional. Remember to follow the instructions for use to ensure the best results.