3 Section Hydraulic Physio Treatment Table


Upgrade your physiotherapy practice!


Introducing the 3 Section Hydraulic Physio Treatment Table – the ultimate solution for comfortable and efficient patient care. With its hydraulic functionality, this table ensures smooth height adjustment and versatile positioning for a wide range of treatments.

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Product Description

The 3 Section Hydraulic Physio Treatment Table Features:

When it comes to providing top-notch physiotherapy treatment, having the right equipment is essential. The 3 Section Hydraulic Physio Treatment Table is a game-changer in the world of physiotherapy equipment, offering unparalleled comfort and functionality for both practitioners and patients.

This hydraulic physio bed is designed with precision engineering to cater to the diverse needs of physiotherapists. Its adjustable treatment table feature allows for easy customization according to different patient requirements, ensuring optimal positioning during therapy sessions.

The hydraulic physiotherapy table's seamless hydraulic mechanism enables smooth adjustments, making it effortless for practitioners to transition between various positions with just a press of a button. This not only enhances efficiency but also minimizes strain on both the therapist and the patient.

Whether it's for medical examinations, therapeutic treatments, or massage therapy sessions, this versatile hydraulic examination table offers unmatched flexibility and support. Its sturdy construction and ergonomic design make it a reliable choice for healthcare facilities, rehabilitation centers, and wellness clinics alike.

Investing in a high-quality hydraulic physio stretcher like this not only elevates the overall patient experience but also boosts the productivity of healthcare professionals. With its superior features and durability, this hydraulic massage table is set to revolutionize the way physiotherapy treatments are administered.


The 3 Section Hydraulic Physio Treatment Table is a versatile and functional solution designed for various clinical procedures. Here are the key features of this table:

Advanced Features at an Affordable Price:

  • The table offers both hydraulic height elevation options.
  • It is constructed to withstand heavy manipulation.
  • The three sections allow for precise patient positioning during treatments.

Technical Specifications:

  • Length (fully flat): 1953mm
  • Width (including armrest): 835mm
  • Seat height (min-max): 630mm-930mm
  • Seat area: 555mm-560mm
  • Net weight: 90kg
  • Safe capacity: 150kg
  • Maximum capacity: 200kg

Certifications and Warranty:

  • CE Mark and EC 60601 (Biomedical Electrical Safety Testing) compliant.
  • Tested to 5,000 repeat cycles.
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty.



Invest in the best for your patients and your business – switch to the 3 Section Hydraulic Physio Treatment Table today!

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